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Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mississippi Digital Library, please take a few minutes to fill out an application. We will review your information and contact you with the next steps. You may use our online application form or use the link below to access a PDF. If you choose to use the PDF application please email the completed form to or mail a physical copy to:

118 College Dr. #5148
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

Membership Application

Collection Development Policy

The collections featured in the Mississippi Digital Library are a wonderful exhibition of the state's culture, heritage, history, and resources. We have established a collection development policy that allows for institutions to contribute a wide range of materials. Before contributing any items to the MDL please take time to read this policy. It contains important information on topics including collection parameters, item copyright and privacy status, and use of contributed materials. All member institutions must understand and agree to the terms outlined in this policy. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the content of the policy or what it means for your institution.

Collection Development Policy

Metadata Forms and Guidelines

We ask that our member institutions adhere to a specific set of rules and formatting when creating metadata. Below you can find links to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template for use in creating your metadata as well as a PDF containing extensive explanations of the categories listed in the template. If you have additional questions about what metadata is, how to create it, or what should be entered in a particular category, please check out our help section on metadata or contact us.

Metadata Entry Template

Metadata Guidelines

Online Metadata Entry and Item Submission

In an effort to make adding materials to your digital collections easier, we provide online forms for single item metadata entry and file submission. Copies of the metadata created by using these forms is available to the contributing institution.

Online Metadata and File Submission

Online Metadata Form Guidelines

Tutorials and Instructional Videos

Our MDL Member Help Blog contains explanations and tutorials (with screenshots) to help in the metdata creation process and pass along any tips we have to make adding to your collections easier. In addition, our short video presentations may provide help in answering some the most common questions we receive and explaining each part of the contribution process. If you have addtional questions, or a suggestion for a tutorial topic, please contact us.

MDL Member Help Blog

Video: Explaining Metadata

Additional Resources

The following forms are designed to help participants organize and digitize items to be included in the Mississippi Digital Library. Work flows, procedures, and forms will vary from institution to institution although you may find the following forms useful as a foundation for creating your own.

Scanning Recommendations

We recommend creating two different images when digitizing. The higher resolution master image should be stored at the contributing institution while the lower resolution image will be sent to the Mississippi Digital Library. We are not responsible for the storage and preservation of the source materials or the master digital files.

Digitization Recommendations


These logs may make it easier to keep track of what items have been selected for digitization and what items have been digitzed. Feel free to use them, modify them to fit your needs, or create your own.

Selection Log

Workflow Log

Item Production Record

Other Resources

For additional ideas on how to digitize items and create metadata we suggest taking a look at these documents and sites.

BCR's Best Practices & Publications